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Reliable home workers needed immediately
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No Experience Necessary - No Selling Required.
Work is steady and Guaranteed.

Sandra Bianchi
Employment Analyst, HEB

From the desk of Sandra Bianchi

Dear Future Home Worker,

Have you ever dreamed of making good money from the comfort of your own home? Would you like to ma
ke an extra $580.00 per week in your spare time? If you have a few spare hours that you can devote to working from home - you can start making great money right away!

Every day, thousands of people just like you are starting new home-based careers in the fields of data entry, assembling products, preparing mail, sewing, making crafts, typing, survey work, processing coupons, computer work and much, much more.

Manufacturing and distribution companies from coast to coast are in serious need of honest and reliable home workers to do a wide variety of home-based jobs. These companies supply you with their materials and easy-to-follow instructions - and then pay you for your completed work. Everything is sent to you via e-mail or delivered right to your door through postal mail or by courier - and these companies will even pay the shipping or postage costs.

Most of the home jobs available require no previous experience, no special skills, no training or equipment and can be done either part-time or full-time for an excellent income.

Right now, businesses of all kinds are waiting to send you their supplies and instructions so that you can start producing for them. Just take a look at the wide variety of work available:


Typing Data Entry Order Processing
Mail Preparation Surveys & Opinions Coupon Clipping
Computer Work Transcription And even more…


Arts & Crafts Sewing Jobs Holiday Decorations
Jewellery Greeting Cards Stuffed Animals & Toys
Miniatures Beauty Accessories Hand Painting
Wood Work Electronic Devices And so much more…

Here’s just a small sample of some of the companies that can put you to work right now:

Make $410.00 a week creating heavenly angel pins from ribbon, lace and beads. No experience or special tools are required - no sewing involved. These pins are just beautiful!
Be part of the fashion industry and get paid up to $580.00 weekly assembling beautifully designed necklaces, bracelets and earrings for this manufacturer.
Process grocery coupons for this national company and earn $371.25 a week. Simple, clean, and fun work!
Use your creative talents and make $525.00 weekly with this holiday craft company. They offer 25 different home-based projects from hand painting to clay work.
Clean and easy paper work! Earn up to $144.00 per day by preparing mail for this direct marketing company.
Earn yourself $375.00 per week by making adorable, stuffed animals in your spare time! The animals are fun to make with easy-to-follow patterns and instructions and can be sewn by hand or machine.
Make $480.00 a week by making high quality hair cutting capes for this beauty industry manufacturer.
Get paid for your opinion! Earn up to $75.00 for each 25 minute survey you complete for market research companies. Lots of survey work is available daily.
Put your typing skills to work and earn $12.00 an hour or more for this busy transcription service.
Earn $477.00 weekly sewing placemats, oven mitts and baby bibs for this established and reputable company.
You can make $375.00 weekly just by clipping newspaper ads for this specialty locator service.
  And the list of rewarding opportunities goes on and on…

You do the work - they send you money.
It's that simple.

Thousands of people are doing it right now!

Why companies employ home workers

The main reason is cost. As you know, business has become so competitive these days that companies are doing whatever it takes to cut cost and increase revenue. By hiring home-based workers, companies save tremendous sums of money on office and manufacturing space, machinery, office equipment, taxes and insurance. It’s easier and more cost effective for companies to contract out their work to independent home workers like you.

Right now, there are
188 certified Companies that are ready to put you to work today! And with your permission, we will send you the names, addresses, phone numbers and websites of these companies along with a full description of the work they have available and how much they pay.

Discover the Hidden Work-from-Home Job Market
The Home Employment Board has been researching and referring work-from-home opportunities since 1995. From the thousands of opportunities we have come across in that time, only a small percentage have met up to the Board standards and receive the HEB recommendation.

Once a home employment opportunity meets the Board qualifications and is approved as genuine and profitable - it is published in our exclusive E-book entitled “The National Directory of Home Employment.”

This directory can not be purchased in any store and is available only on the HEB website.
And here's the best's absolutely FREE!

You can work for any of our hand-selected companies with complete confidence. You see, the Home Employment Board only deals with the most reputable and legitimate firms (many are members of the Chamber of Commerce or other business organizations). HEB carefully screens each company to make sure they have work that anyone can do - regardless of age, education or previous employment history. Even if you’ve never worked a day in your life - you can still qualify for many of the fine jobs offered in the HEB directory.

188 Real Jobs from 188 Real Companies. With such a huge variety of opportunities available, you are sure to find some
thing that appeals to you, and - you can work for as many companies as you like!

Here’s how it works:

When you receive your directory, you’ll find company names, websites, addresses, contact numbers, a description of jobs available and exactly how much those jobs pay. Simply go through the directory and choose the work that appeals to you and then contact the companies offering those jobs. Those companies will provide you with all the information you need to get started working right away.

You’ll be signed up for work right in your own home through the internet, by telephone or through the mail - no résumés, no experience, and no running for interviews. The company you work for will send their materials and assignments for you to complete. When you’re done, simply submit your finished work back to the company for payment. Most companies also pay you to ship your completed work back to them.

You can begin receiving pay checks in just a few short days after you start working. And remember - most of these home-based jobs require no previous training or experience - and there is No Selling involved. And even though you’ll be working independently - you’re never alone. If you ever need any help, most companies offer a home worker hotline or e-mail to answer any questions you may have.

Think about making great money from home...

You can earn $300.00, $400.00 - even up to
$580.00 a week or more doing these interesting piece-work or clerical type jobs. You can make even more if you choose to work for more than one company. It all depends on how much time you can put in, how hard you are willing to work and what your financial goals are. If you're ambitious, you can make as much as $1,000.00 per week - or even more!

And you’ll be glad to know that your situation doesn’t matter - anybody can take part in the home employment industry! You don’t need a fancy education or any special skills. You can be a homemaker tending to your children, a student who needs some extra cash, a retiree looking to keep busy and make a little extra cash... Even if you’re looking for full-time work - there’s something for everyone!

Just as long as you’re serious minded and can read and write simple English, you can earn money - good money - by working from home, either full-time or part-time.

Here’s even more good news: where you live is not important. Just as long as you have internet access or the postal service or a courier service can make deliveries to your home - you can enjoy the benefits of home employment.

Just think of the convenience - no more commuting or fighting traffic, no more waiting for the bus in bad weather, no more time clock to punch, no more minimum wage or begging for a raise, no more expensive day care for your kids - and best of all - no more boss! You’ll never have to look through the “Help Wanted” ads or send out another résumé again!

And with no boss looking over your shoulder, you'll feel like you're being paid for doing a hobby. Picture yourself makin
g $580.00 a week while working at your kitchen table dressed in your comfy clothes and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. You can even do your work while watching television. How’s that for a great job?

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Thank you!

Thank you for visiting the Home Employment Board. Since 1995, we have provided work-from-home opportunities to thousands of men and women from all over the country. And we're proud to be able to do the same for you. It's been my pleasure to serve you and I wish you every success.

Warm regards,

Sandra Bianchi
Employment Analyst,
Home Employment Board


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